Maryland Vehicle Titling Association


Join us tonight for our quarterly Q&A with special guest member John Lumadue from Skippy Tag & Title!  John knows all about motorcycles and is working with us to create an informative reference for our members.  Please join us by phone at +1 469-848-0178,,177572292# or on Microsoft Teams at this link!

We also received an alert regarding a dealership currently under investigation for fraudulent Bills of Sale.  Please be vigilant before processing from Rideway Preowned Auto Sales, 824 E. Washington Street, Charles Town, WV 25414, Dealer #DUC3881 We are currently unaware of a lookup tool for active dealerships in West Virginia but if you have one, please share with us. This is another project we are working on for you!

Our first Best Practice for processing the Military Excise Tax Credit has been refined and added to our website.  Special thanks to board member and veteran Lisa Thompas for helping to get this legislation passed!  She and Senator Sarah Elfreth (recently re-elected), are pictured above.

If you haven’t logged on to our website yet, please check out all of our resources and join our Facebook Group!  You will get the most from your membership if you are engaged with us!