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It’s Prime Boating Time….. Check out our DNR Training: by MVTA Staff

The MVTA has completed two virtual recorded trainings for members to learn about processing boat title and registration work. The first training was completed and added to the MVTA member portal for viewing under resources on May 6, 2021. The most recent training was completed on February 21, 2023 with special guests from the DNR Director of Licensing and Registration Services. 

As a reminder two important form updates from the most recent training, are the newly published DNR B-120 Power of Attorney and the DNR B-158A Penalty & Interest Waiver Request for customers who want to contest the penalties that were charged by DNR directly.  

If you have questions or concerns regarding DNR processing, remember the DNR agents are a huge resource and available by phone or email through the use of the service location contact information on their website: If you do not get a response within 2 business days please reach out to MVTA for assistance at

Highlight: MVTA also would like to share that the newly appointed Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, Josh Kurtz had an opportunity to meet with our Chairman, Beth Caro and Executive Director, Wendy May to discuss the implementation of an ERT system within the DNR. This will give the Boat Dealerships and Maryland licensed title agents access to process their clients’ transactions remotely. This is going to be a lengthy process but the steps to kick off this partnership have been in high gear since the MVTA Board has offered to assist in beta testing and industry feedback for the development of this system. As this further develops MVTA will keep you updated! Reach out to us if you have been processing DNR Title and Registration Transactions and want to volunteer for our beta testing committee, or

MVTA Member Meetups with the Chairman, Beth Caro:

Don’t let customers leave confused on the use of Historic Tags:

Make sure that you are reminding your customer of the proper usage of the historic tag. As this becomes a bigger and bigger issue in Maryland we want to make sure that our clients are being educated properly. When they are signing the Maryland Historic Tag Application VR-096 note to them the paragraph about the signature line that states: 

“I/We certify under oath that the vehicle will only be maintained for use in exhibitions, club activities, parades, tours, and occasional transportation. I/We further certify this vehicle will not be used for general daily transportation or primarily for the transportation of passengers or property on highways, for employment, for transportation to and from employment or school, or for commercial purposes.”

Pointing out this paragraph can help the customer to have a better understanding of the use of the historic tag. There currently are many misinterpretations that have been spread amongst the public and will most likely be further regulated in the future by MVA. 


Comptroller Issues:

If your customer has proof of their payment plan payment setup or payment in full to the comptroller’s office but the flag hasn’t cleared, any full service Branch can process it with an override. Submit through the portal OR special appointment (M-F 9 am to 2 pm). 

Registration Fee Changes:

Pay attention to the most recent HOV Permit Bulletin and notice that the permit now has a $5 state cost. Make sure to calculate this properly on your invoices!

Lease Buy out Transactions:

Note there are some issues with the customer’s Soundex number on previous lease buyout processed in Maryland not transferring the title for a lease buyout or purchase because the customer has now received a MDID. These transactions must go through the Business Portal to the branch or make a special appointment. 

Recently, there was social media posts shared regarding the transaction processing for a lease buyout where one of the lessee’s are going to transfer their name with the lease buyout or purchase. If they drop their name then it will cause for taxes to be charged again and inspection needed. It is recommended to have copy of the original lease agreement for verification when submitting. Advise your customers’ to process the lease buyout in both names than process a gift transfer so that taxes/inspection do not need to be completed again.  

Lien Holder Issues:

Currently there are merging issues within the ELS and current lien holder code list. MVA is working to repair these issues. If you are having a lien issue that needs a resolution please email the Lien Unit directly:

Updates for the Mercedes Benz Financial and TD Bank Issue.TD Bank is currently being printed on titles when Mercedes Benz Financial is showing and selected in the ERT system. This was due to a lien code merged in error. If this occurred to a customer you assisted reach out to the department at the above email to ask for a verification of the lien holder on record. When utilizing the MD Inquiry Reports there are discrepancies in the lien holder names versus what is on MVA record.  THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN CORRECTED AS OF APRIL 2023

The current lien holder: Honda Lease Trust is having address update issues. If you have filed a lien in this lien holders name and it doesn’t match the ERT entry, make a screen shot and submit it to the branch through the MVA portal. 

MVA Business Portal & Customer Connect Updates:

The MVTA Board of Directors and Committee Members have been continuing work on the corrections and enhancements to the Business Portal and Customer Connect. Most recently, we discussed with Fast Enterprises, Inc. (company that helped modernize state systems) shared that there will be a version upgrade in April 2024. Please reach out to the MVTA if you are interested in serving on this committee,

In your Business Portal you will see the completed enhancement under the home section where you can select and review information sent about fines accessed against your agency. This enhancement allows the business owner to filter reports and receive a detailed breakdown of the fines that occurred back to July 7, 2020. If you do not receive a response back from Business Licensing within 2 -3 business days please reach out to the MVTA for assistance. Please contact Business Licensing via email at,

MVA Fraud Training: Check out the BULLETIN HERE

for the next fraud training scheduled at the Glen Burnie special training room in Building A. 

Have you attended the in person MVA Fraud Training? No!! Well you better sign up for the next training from 9 am to 11 am on April 20th, 2023. This training is located at MVA Glen Burnie in Building A in the Secure Training Room by the second floor escalators. 

When you attend make sure to arrive on time! If you show up more than 15 minutes late you will not be allowed in the classroom. Also make sure to bring your title agent ID card to enter. If you do not have this card with you then you will not be allowed to enter. RSVP by emailing Ms. Michele Wagner at or Renee Nadreau at

MVA Bulletin Updates:






EZ Pass Partnership Announcement:

The MVTA board is excited to announce after four years of partnership building, the EZ Pass Administration is ready to open availability to MVTA members only the ability to resell EZ Pass in our tag and title agencies in good standing across Maryland. The transponders will be soon made available through an online order form found in the member only portal login site. The transponders will be sent in quantities of 25 per order and shipped to you with a tracking number. We will send an announcement out in July when this order form with credit card payment is available. 

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