Maryland Vehicle Titling Association

Hello Members,

This is the same newsletter that was sent on Friday 8/5 but many of you could not see our website login instructions.  Please join us to see what’s new! 


Welcome to our “new” newsletter! We are so excited to be able to communicate to you more efficiently and in real time through Member News! Please make sure you remain SUBSCRIBED to our posts so they are not blocked by your spam filter.

You can manage your subscription on our website and rest assured, we will only push out the most important of news immediately. The rest will be sent in a group post daily or weekly, depending on the topic and current events. All posts will be pushed out via email and will be housed under the “Member News” section of our website. There, you will have a permanent record of them, can discuss them, and best of all, SEARCH THE ENTIRE WEBSITE for a particular topic, including the news posts.

A few housekeeping items before Member News posts begin:

Please log on to our website at and check out the updated Resources and Training sections! If you would like to allow staff to access the Member’s Only area of our site, please send me an email and include their full name and email address. They will get a notification by email when they have been added. It is the responsibility of each business owner to inform me if a staff member leaves your employ.

<< LOG IN INSTRUCTIONS: Your user name is your actual name, including capitals and spacing (i.e., Wendy May). Select “Forgot your password?” for directions on how to choose your own. As always, you will need to accept the MVTA Terms and Conditions each time you log in. >>

For our newest members, and a reminder to all:

  • Sign up for MVA Bulletins (top of the page). We have many of these on our website, where I am currently working on categorizing them. The older ones are often lumped together with several topics on one bulletin, so the search feature will help you find all previous bulletins on that topic.
  • Remember to use and search (Ctrl +F) the Interactive Title and Registration Manual. This is a living document and should not be printed. Bookmark it in your Favorites!
  • Join our private Facebook Group. This is where all the action happens! (Again, staff is welcome but we aren’t responsible if they resign. If you need to add/remove access, please email me).
  • Like and share our public Facebook Page This is important as we continue to grow and market the MVTA and its members. Tell all your friends about us! Let’s educate the public about tag and title businesses together!

Thank you for your membership. We are so happy to be “plugged in” to everyone in this new way and can’t wait to hear your feedback. If there is something you would like to see, let us know!

Disclaimer: Beth has been very excited for me to release the Member News, so I can’t be responsible if she is “megaphone happy” for the next couple of weeks. I promise, it will all be good information worth knowing, so remember to remain subscribed!  (I just love working with her!) 

Wendy C. May
MVTA Executive Director
410.984.2930 cell