Maryland Vehicle Titling Association

Dear Members,

As business owners it is time to get motivated and involved, focusing on the strengths of our members and what each uniquely has to offer. MVTA leaders have provided support through the last few years as we faced major business challenges and together we found a way to succeed and grow, tripling our volume of transactions throughout Maryland! That alone is a major accomplishment that has put us on the radar locally and nationally. Go Us!!

At this time, the board is refocusing our energy on the future. By increasing the number of board members, we hope to capture more member suggestions, experiences and goals as we further solidify our place in this industry. Each member has the opportunity and responsibility to lead this association toward achievements that are important to all of us. Consider joining us by completing our new,

MVTA Board Application!

Hopefully many of you will apply to serve, and if not, we remind you that there are many ways to join a committee or provide input. Our collective effort is what has gotten us this far and will ensure a bright future for our businesses and a healthy and thriving association. We are rapidly growing and welcome more ideas and involvement from each of you.

These positive changes will hopefully bring experienced members forward into leadership roles to continue advancing our mission.

We look forward to your participation, 

Beth Caro, Chairman

Lisa Thompas, Vice Chairman

Dawn Mathis, General Board Member