Maryland Vehicle Titling Association

Dear MVTA Members,

The MVTA Board was proud to present the THANK YOU messages to Madison on your behalf and a fig tree, symbolizing our personal wish of wisdom and success. Madison has been and continues to be an influential leader in our industry. We are confident that he will have much success at his new position, as the Administrator for the DC Division of the Federal Department of Transportation- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Best of luck!

Our transition meeting held this past week included, Natasha, who has been shadowing Madison and working with the MVTA since meeting in person at AAMVA Region 1 this past June. She immediately knew who the MVTA was and knew the importance of our partnership at day one! She is on it! The MVTA Board is truly thankful for Natasha and Madison’s dedication to continue our fantastic partnership and keep Moving Forward MVTA 2023!!

If you still want to send a thank you to Madison click here: THANK YOU MADISON







Have a great weekend MVTA Members!


The MVTA Board of Directors

Beth Caro, Chairman

Lisa Thompas, Vice Chairman

Dawn Mathis, General Member