Maryland Vehicle Titling Association

Hello Members,

We are sending our first summary of the Board’s monthly meeting with the  MVA.  Our goal is to get this information to you “hot off the presses” to keep you better informed.  Here are some highlights of today’s conversation to kick off this New Year: 

  • MVA’s monthly in-person Fraud Training to be announced – bulletin coming soon!
  • Special Meeting with MVA to discuss title service application and licensing procedures.  We are looking for your feedback on these specific topics.  Please email if you have feedback or are a committee member and would like to participate. 
  • Reminder: when you receive an MVA letter requesting additional documentation for a transaction, email Include the letter, copies of the transaction, screenshots of the ERT entry.  ALSO, include either an explanation why the requested documentation is not necessary, OR include the additional documentation as requested. If you need assistance with these communications please reach out to the MVTA at
  • Portal Updates: The MVA business portal is getting a few MVTA requested updates this month. Over the last two months we continued working to explain the need for the live balance, balance display, and ability to properly reconcile the drawdown account. Please keep an eye out for these updates to come. 
  • MSI, Historic, and Gift Transaction errors: MVA is working with their developers to repair the internal issues causing these error messages. Remember to submit through the portal for processing at this time. To make for a successful transaction, make sure to include: cover sheet with explanation for portal processing, copy of error message from ERT, print out from MSI lookup site to prove inspection completed (if it has been archived reach out to the MSP ASED team at ​ to have it emailed or reprinted), and for gift transactions make sure to provide the relationship documentation if the last names are not the same. We will keep you updated on these system errors with MVA. Please keep the examples coming to so we can push to get this resolved. 
  • Please see the MVA updated Lien Mergers List in the Resources Section of MVTA member portal.  It is current as of 12-15-2022 and as of today’s call there are no additional updates.

Please see the following new MVA bulletins initiated by MVTA:

  • Our ERT contracts allow for 10 business days to finalize ERT transactions and 3 business days after finalizing to upload documents to the state.  This new bulletin now allows for 5 business days to upload after finalizing.

  • This bulletin highlights the addition of Saturdays to request an MDID!  This is only between 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, and is effective January 7, 2023.  Please follow the process outlined  in the bulletin.

Happy New Year as we *Move Forward*!