Maryland Vehicle Titling Association

The MVTA executive team is always looking to discover new ways to help offices innovate, streamline operations, become more profitable and provide better services to customers.   There have been a number of recent changes at the MVA that has prompted us to look at ways to modernize: 

  • The MVA has changed the way they do everything
  • Services that were traditionally performed by the MVA have now become the responsibility of the tag and title offices
  • This burden has caused strain and increased workload
  • MVA is still half-staffed and lacks the ability to adequately support our offices
  • Innovative MVTA members have been modernizing to meet the changing requirements.  Buying off-the-shelf scanners to fix the problem has not been effective. 

The Board of Directors asked Edge Digital Group to work collaboratively with MVTA members and design a solution that will help each office create a day-forward digitization strategy to modernize operations using state of the art Kodak scanners.   They provided a presentation, based on the success in working with one of our offices, during the August monthly meeting, which has been uploaded to the MVTA website in the Training section.  Since then, other members have also been working towards streamlining their daily workflow in the same way.

We are currently working with the Edge Digital Group and Kodak to produce two case studies to show MVTA members the benefits of modernization.  Edge Digital Group will be also available for one-on-one meetings at the MVTA annual meeting on October 18th at Turf Valley Resort.