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Motor Vehicle Title Agents located in Maryland that are licensed by the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration shall be eligible for full membership. Individuals or businesses engaged in activities that affect motor vehicle title agents may become associate members of the Association. As a member, you’ll have access to a collection of tools and resources specific to the tag and title industry.

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Fee Schedule

Single TSA Membership

  • Single location
  • $300.00 per year for the single location

Multiple TSA Membership

Owned by the same entity

  • Multiple locations, owned by the same individuals or partners
  • $300.00 per year for the first location
  • $100.00 per year for each additional location
  • Please complete a separate application for each location

Multiple TSA Memberships

Owned by separate partnerships

  • Multiple locations, owned by multiple partnerships
  • $300.00 per year for each location
  • Please complete a separate application for each location

Associate MVTA Membership

  • Non tag and title organizations that can positively affect the MVTA
  • i.e. Insurance Companies and/or Inspection Stations
  • $225.00 per year, per location
  • Please complete a separate application for each location