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The Maryland Vehicle Titling Association was formed in 2011 to create a voice for Maryland title service agents and related businesses. As a group, we can accomplish much more than any single person or company.

Member Benefits

  • We stand for education and professionalism, calling for a minimum standard while continually striving for growth and excellence. We have earned the respect of the Motor Vehicle Administration, and even in our infancy have become a recognizable force. We have lobbied for change in several statewide policies, thus making it easier for title service agents (TSA’s) to conduct business both electronically and in person.

  • We come together in support of members facing undue hardship or administrative scrutiny. Our attorney lobbies for us in Annapolis, and regularly communicates with our Board of Directors. His direct contact with other related associations within Maryland provides added value, and he offers legal services to our members for a reduced fee.

  • One of the greatest benefits, however, remains “insider access” to the administrative decision-makers within the MVA. Our founding board members have years of experience in this industry and have earned the respect of those “in the know”. This alone could immeasurably benefit your business in any number of ways.

We have recently created a Code of Ethics, and have formed Membership and Legislative Committees. Why not get in on the ground floor and make a real difference? Join us today!

Membership Cost

  • Single TSA Membership:

    • Single Location

    • $250.00 per year for the single location

  • Multiple TSA Membership Owned by the same Entitity:*

    • Multiple locations, owned by the same individuals or partners

    • $250.00 per year for the first location

    • $100.00 per year for each additional location

  • Multiple TSA Memberships, owned by separate partnerships:*

    • Multiple locations, owned by multiple partnerships

    • $250.00 per year for each location

  • Associate MVTA Membership:*

    • Non Tag and Title organizations that can positively affect the MVTA

    • i.e. Insurance Companies and/or Inspection Stations

    • $175.00 per year, per location

Code of Ethics