The purpose of the MVTA is to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas among its members;

  • Encourage sound business policies;

  • Provide industry education to its members;

  • Foster constructive progressive motor vehicle title agent legislation;

  • Discourage destructive retrogressive motor vehicle title agent legislation; and

  • Promote confidence, respect, and good fellowship among all who are directly or indirectly engaged in the motor vehicle title agent industry.

This corporation shall operate on a non-stock basis and its revenue shall be derived from such sources as may be authorized and designated by its Board of Directors. The corporation does not contemplate pecuniary profit, incidental or otherwise, to its members.

Join the MVTA Today

  • Motor Vehicle Title Agents located in Maryland that are licensed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration shall be eligible for full membership.

  • Individuals or businesses engaged in activities that affect motor vehicle title agents may become associate members of the Association.

  • Associate members may participate in the services provided by the Association with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may fix the amount of dues to be paid by associate members. Associate members may attend the membership meeting of the Association but shall have no right to vote at any meeting of the members of the Association and shall have no right to share in the assets of the Association in the event of dissolution.

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